In the direction of decision

With early and absentee voting underway in Ohio, we are closing in on Election Day decisions that will impact our schools and community.

Today, we’ve balanced the budget by making our students the first priority, and we are paying long overdue attention to our facilities, transportation, curriculum and technology needs.

In less than two years, much has changed. Our district once seemed unable to move past the rejection of repeated new money levies. If you are tired of looking at the bleak past, so are we. But there is a slate of three candidates for the Board of Education with a retired principal and retired teacher on the ticket. They strike a nostalgic tone, but their only plan for the future is to return to the past.

Past practices encouraged division in our community and indecisiveness in our schools. For example:

  • PTOs were warned not to spend fundraising dollars on school projects.
  • The district failed to budget for buses and building maintenance.
  • There was no district plan for adopting curriculum or updating textbooks.
  • Communication with the community was cut off. There was little transparency for the taxpayer and trust deteriorated on all sides.

This is a pivotal school board election because it will set the direction – either continue in a fiscally responsible manner that makes kids’ educational needs the first priority, or return to the past with a union controlled school board. Just as has been the case in industry, unionization of public education is forcing more money into compensation and away from improving the product – highly educated children. The result is persistent requests for additional taxes as the school system’s resources are drained. Unlike many of our neighbors, for now Springboro has achieved a delicate, but sustainable, balance.. 

With more than 400 employees who have degrees and experience in education, our district hears the voice of educators and the unions. Who will be the voice of the community?

Springboro’s school board should represent the interests of the parents and the public. Parent and community representation provides a critical check and balance. David Bitner and Kolton Vaughn are both parents of children enrolled in Springboro Schools and have committed to making education their top priority. They support the “Children First” philosophy.

Educate Springboro supports a slate of three candidates,  Charles Anderson, David Bitner and Kolton Vaughn for Springboro Board of Education. David Bitner and Kolton Vaughn bring their perspective as parents, taxpayers and concerned citizens to provide more balance in board perspectives.   We are also confident that with the addition of the business acumen Charles Anderson has accumulated in his many years of service to the community, our district can continue to be sustainable. Keeping our students as the first priority, supporting our teachers, and being the voice of the community in public education is our goal. The addition of Anderson, Bitner, and Vaughn aid us all in accomplishing that goal.

Educate Springboro is also FOR the renewal. Issue 14 is a reduced renewal levy. In good faith, we’ve balanced the budget and met our obligations. When it became clear that the district could meet its needs with less money, the board voted to request lower millage in the renewal levy in November. Not only have we proven that we can live within our means, but now every stakeholder in this district—our students and families, our staff and teachers, and the taxpayers–will benefit.

Please join Educate Springboro in voting

FOR DAVID BITNER for School Board, and

FOR KOLTON VAUGHN for School Board, and

FOR CHARLES ANDERSON for School Board, and

FOR Issue 14 for our school district.

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