About Educate Springboro

Educate Springboro is a registered political action committee. This allows us to legally accept donations and incur expenses on behalf of political candidates and issues.

If you wish to support us financially, please make a donation using PayPal.


Any expense associated with this site is paid for by Educate Springboro. To contact us please send an email to the addresses below.

Educate Springboro
8786 Wildwood Pl.
Springboro, OH 45066

Jim Rigano, Co-chairman and Treasurer, jimrigano@gmail.com
David Petroni, Co-chairman,  dpetroni.schoolboard@gmail.com


2 Responses to About Educate Springboro

  1. SWAugie says:

    I’m very please with the direction of the school board & I believe that both of you have had a significant impact in improving the overall situation. I am concerned with the upcoming election that many may not attach your names (& the other fiscally responsible board members) to the various achievements/successes in the past few years. Please do all you can to get your NAMES out to potential voters. There are other names out there that I have great concerns about… but their NAMES are everywhere! I fear that too many low-information voters will only go on a name they recognize, not what they will/won’t do.

    • jrigano says:

      @SWAugie: Thank you for recognizing that things are in fact moving forward. Just to be clear, neither David Petroni, nor Jim Rigano (nor Kelly Kohls either) are on the ballot this year. It’s hard to tell because the Malone, Stuckey, Anderson campaign is about attacking our record and persona, and consequently we are defending our actions and reputation. In addition to the aforementioned candidates, David Bitner and Kolton Vaughn are running for school board. Educate Springboro has recommended voters choose Anderson, Bitner, and Vaughn in the November election.

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