In the direction of simple truth

Here’s the simple truth about the Board of Education race in Springboro.

There are three open seats on Springboro’s Board of Education on Tuesday’s ballot.

There are five candidates.

Voters may choose any one, two, or three of the five candidates.

There are no slates. There are no tickets. Voters will choose three individuals.

Educate Springboro endorses three candidates to fill three open seats. The math is just that simple.

And we chose to endorse the three candidates who have spent this campaign talking about our students and our schools. That’s what we do. The cornerstone of Educate Springboro is putting Children First.

David Bitner and Kolton Vaughn are talking about students and opportunities our students have to learn, grow and succeed in our schools. They question the “proficient” standard. They have brought independent audits of our high school to light and proposed using these reports as well as student data to drive smart decisions and investments in our schools. They want to create new opportunities for our students to learn and succeed.

We also support Charles Anderson because of his business acumen. His business sense will serve our community well on the Board of Education. Although Mr. Anderson has shared his campaign with Dr. Malone and Mr. Stuckey, there are no slates in this race. Candidates are elected as individuals. We’ve chosen to look at the candidates rather than the camps and to support the candidates who will do the most for Springboro students.

On the other side, the MSA campaign is bickering over words on signs in a campaign that is focused on the adults more than the kids. MSA complains about the current leadership, but their campaign fails to articulate any goals or vision for the future of our schools or the success of our students. In the final moments of this campaign, they are writing press releases about campaign signs.

They still don’t get it.

There are candidates who are campaigning in the interests of students. And there are candidates who are campaigning in the interests of adults. Their campaign rhetoric is a preview of what they will do on our Board of Education. Educate Springboro endorses the candidates who will put Children First.

Please join Educate Springboro in voting

FOR DAVID BITNER for School Board,

FOR KOLTON VAUGHN for School Board,

FOR CHARLES ANDERSON for School Board, and

FOR ISSUE 14—the reduced renewal levy–for our school district.