Welcome to the Educate Springboro Blog


We’re glad you’re here. This blog is the place for authoritative information directly from Springboro School Board Members Jim Rigano and David Petroni.

This last year has been exasperating for both of us. We’ve been dealing with unfounded rumors and harassment since the day we took office. While some of it was expected and goes with the territory, our political opponents – inside and outside the school district – are using social media to spread half-truths and outright false information designed to make people question our motives and character, and with it our colleagues on the board and our schools. Speaking directly with the media on issues hasn’t helped either. They seem to be more interested in hype that will get attention instead of a balanced and factual report.

After a year of it, it’s time to put our message out to the community, in our own words. That’s the purpose of this blog. Here we can explain our philosophy, actions and thoughts, field your questions, and have an honest discussion.

We’re well aware that our detractors will be here also. That’s OK. We’ll take that opportunity to answer their criticisms – something we haven’t had an adequate opportunity to do in the past year.

Thanks for being here.

Jim Rigano
David Petroni


One Response to Welcome to the Educate Springboro Blog

  1. Jack Chrisman says:

    You are doing a great job for the children and parents. You and your friends on board have gone through a lot, I have been there and saw it first hand. At the last board meeting I attended I almost needed pepper spray to keep the teachers away from me when I stood up for you. If only I could find people like you to get on Lebanon City School board. I want to thank you for all you do for the kids, and that comes from a lot of my friends too.

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